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Erectile dysfunction is a curable medical condition that effects men anytime after puberty. The causes for this condition can be many both psychological as well as physical conditions of the body. While psychological factors such as nervousness, anxiety, emotional trauma and stress can cause erectile dysfunction, physical health conditions including diabetes, blood pressure, heart , liver and kidney ailments can also cause this condition In men.

To understand erectile dysfunction a little better, it is required that we understand what exactly happens in this condition. Erectile dysfunction means the inability of the individual to achieve sustainable erection to be able to complete sexual activity or intercourse. The degree of erectile dysfunction varies from person to person. While some does get erection but very weak or short erections and are not able to sustain it longer. This condition is caused by lack of blood supply to the sexual organ- penis due to which it is not able to achieve erection.

In such conditions, Viagra works as a PDE5 inhibitor that gets attached itself to the enzyme called quanylate cyclase which in turn increases the level of cGMP, thereby the muscles of the helicine arteries in the penis relax leading to increased blood flow to the penis causing it to achieve erection.

Yes it is true that erectile dysfunction in men can cause extreme emotional psychological damage to the individual as well as effect his relationship with the spouse. More over the psyche of man and his ego is deep rooted in his sexual abilities. Therefore when the condition is diagnosed and treated with Viagra, leads to his physical well being as well as emotional well being too. For all we know it might result in saving a relationship too.

But then one should not presume that Viagra alone is good enough to sustain a sexual relationship. True that erectile dysfunction is a physical curable condition, but sexual activity and intimacy is not only dependant upon the physical act but is pre precipitated by emotional preparation too. Romance and passion have a major role to play in the sexual relationship between the partners.

Therefore while you start taking Viagra dose, along with the drug, there are quite a few things that you can do to ensure the passion and romance returns back to your relationship.

It is important for both the partners to be mentally, psychologically and physically prepared to resume relationship with the viagra treatment. Including your partner in the entire program of seeking doctor's advice and all other discussions.

It would be a good idea for you to plan on a short holiday and spend relaxed time with each other. Being away from home and family just with your spouse can make it relaxing and prepare both of you to resume physical relationship.

Along with Viagra, ensure that you keep fit with exercising routine. Good exercises will increase the body flexibility as well as energy levels and help remove physical as well as mental laziness.

When you start with Viagra treatment, it is important for you to get rid of your anxiety and depressions. Surround yourself with positive feeling of being loved. A family atmosphere of sharing and caring will go a long way in getting over your troubles in no time.

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